"Bears in Beds" by David Walker

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  • "Bears in Beds" by David Walker
  • "Bears in Beds" by David Walker

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We loved reading this board book to our baby

It's time for Big Brown Bear to tuck all four little bears into their beds. Then he's ready to climb into his own bed and turn out the light. Five warm beds, holding five sleepy bears, until something goes whoosh in the middle of the night, and all the bears wake up in a fright. Luckily, Big Brown Bear knows just what to do! A fun, rhyming read-aloud that parents will love and tired little cubs will be happy to snuggle up with.

The cuddly pictures and fun-to-read-aloud rhyming text make this pitch-perfect for pre-schoolers. The universally popular bedtime theme makes this book perennially and everlastingly appealing.

  • Board Book measuring 16.60cm and 15cm
  • Page Count: 32